Artificial Grass


Artificial Grass

Artificial grass is an attractive and cost effective way of transforming your lawn, garden and outdoor areas. In fact, there is nothing stopping the more adventurous to even consider using it internally, whether on the floor, wall or ceiling!

Though we all aspire to have that perfect, immaculately groomed lawn, nobody said the grass actually has to be real! Artificial grass has become a very popular choice amongst homeowners – probably due to its many benefits, both in terms of cost and practicality.

Why Buy Artificial Grass?

So why install artificial grass in your garden? Well, for one…artificial grass allows you to have a luscious green lawn, all year round – so say goodbye to dead, dry looking grass. Secondly, artificial grass requires very little maintenance and upkeep so you can spend less time mowing your lawn and attending to your garden and more time actually enjoying it.

Another big selling point of artificial grass is how cost effective it is. In the long run, having an artificial lawn will actually save you money on water bills and general maintenance costs, so don’t be put off by the upfront prices! Finally, for all you pet owners out there – artificial grass is incredibly pet friendly and far more practical for your pets than a traditional lawn.

The Best Artificial Lawn on the Market

Modern artificial grass has improved tremendously and we have carefully selected a range of products that reflect the very best in realistic, high quality artificial lawn. Our artificial grass comes in a wide range of shades, textures and thicknesses to offer the most realistic and comfortable feel for your garden, making it great for all kinds of activities, from your children playing to simply relaxing and soaking up the sun. Its strong construction also means it can withstand anything the weather has to throw at it!

Arcadia – 18mm high 4m wide

Old Trafford – 25mm high 4m wide

Magnolia Lizard – 30mm high 4m wide

Amazonia – 38 mm high 4m wide

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